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When did books become so boring, history dull and math a chore?
Why is wisdom shown in scoring; no one’s learning anymore.

I know when the wall in Berlin fell, the value x when y is two,
But if you asked I couldn’t tell you why it matters that I do.

Since when was worth dependent on a letter marked in vibrant red?
The act of learning so resplendent, but time spent studying instead.

What sort of system stresses who what when, but rarely why,
When the values it addresses don’t help those who’d rather die?

My mind had shined with wonder when I learned my ABCs,
But now they’re just the symbols under my rubrics and grading keys.

Sometimes I wish I could recall a time when I had loved to learn,
Back when teachers taught it all and regulations weren’t so stern.

Surely there’s a simple way to cure our methods part by part.
We couldn’t change it in a day, but need to find a place to start.

I’m just sick of seeing schoolbags slumped on students’ solemn shoulders,
The joy extinguished as they drag along their heavy homework holders.

But in the end why should you listen to a word I have to say?
After all, it wasn’t written in Times New Roman anyway.
What I Learned in School
Just a little something I wrote today between college classes. It isn't much, but I figured I'd share it anyway. I got the inspiration from a speech I read a long time ago about. They essentially listed off the most important things they had learned in high school, and the entire speech was very sarcastic. I loved it. This one is a bit less humorous and a bit more serious, I guess. I'm not sure how to describe it. As usual, any and all feedback is greatly appreciated! :meow:
With bottle in palm
You drown all your troubles,
The storm growing calm
As you swim amongst bubbles.

The bar falls silent
But the tirade rings loud.
Thoughts turning violent,
You slip free in the crowd.

Fingers still shaking,
Your old demons take form.
Pronged tongues all snaking,
Seven skitter and swarm.

You promised to quit
But fall back in your strife.
And now here you sit;
What a fine waste of life.

At hour hand’s tick
You dive in your liquor.
The booze settles quick,
But blood’s certainly thicker.
Happy Hour
I'm sorry it's been a while since I posted to deviantART, I've just been pretty busy with college stuff as of late. I'm currently trying to get rid of some of my backlog, the stuff I wrote a while ago but never got around to posting. This particular piece was written some time towards the end of high school, but I never had the time to edit it. I took some time recently to look back over it, did some tweaking, and this is what I ended up with. I'm still not entirely satisfied, so any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. I have another poem in the works that's been sitting around since the end of high school, but that particular poem is a lot longer and would require a lot more time to tweak and perfect. I might post it just to get some critique and assistance with the editing, because it's proving a bit difficult to edit on my own.

I'm not sure why most of my poems have a somewhat depressing air about them, but this one just sort of adds to the long list of angst-y writing I've done. I need to find something happy to write about for once. But until then, have this poem about alcoholism and self-loathing. (I seriously need to find cheerier stuff to write about.)
I thought I posted about it on here, but apparently not. Y'see a couple of months ago I got a Tumblr account, and I post a lot of my stuff from here on there as well. For the most part, I just post stuff that makes me cuckle. If you have a Tumblr (or if you don't, why not make one?) follow me and I'll follow back! It's nice to keep in touch, and it would be nice to have more people to follow. :meow:

My Blog:
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Matthew Wall
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Hi there! My name's Matthew, and you've stumbled across my deviantART account. I spend most of my free time doodling, writing, and playing video games. Since I hope to one day become a published author, I have a lot of work to do. I really appreciate any comments or critiques about my work, and hope that I will be able to improve and perfect my skills through them. After all, that's why I'm here!

Everything You Need to Know About Me:
~My username for almost anything is MWBlueWolf.
~I'm a pansexual (bisexual but complicated).
~I'm currently single and ready to flamingle.
~I'm a furry (which should be obvious).
~My favorite genre of almost any medium is horror.
~I'm a deist who believes in religious tolerence.
~I have ADHD and a short attention span.
~I plan to major in Creative Writing at Texas State University.

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